How to Make a Roux


There are plenty different ways to make a roux. I learned from my Mom, as I’m sure most Cajun cooks have. I was taught to use a ratio of three to one, three cooking spoons of oil to one cooking spoon of flour. Over the years, I have slightly tweaked the amounts, and I use a large ladle to measure. I just measured, and it ends up being one cup of oil and one cup of flour, that I use to make a thick roux. Sometimes I like a more runny roux; it just depends on what I’m cooking. In that case, I would use less flour. If you would like to know how I do it…

Pour your oil, I use vegetable, into the pot you’re going to cook in. Turn the fire to high and heat the oil until you can smell it cooking. Carefully pour in the flour, stirring constantly. Stir, stir, stir. Make sure to scrape every inch of the bottom and sides of the pot. DO NOT let the roux splash on you, as it is extremely painful.

Most of the meals I cook call for a roux that is medium to dark brown. There is a point where the roux goes from being perfect, to burnt, really fast. Prepare your ‘trinity’ in advance and add it to the roux, as soon as you want to stop it from cooking any further.

And that’s it! I have only burned one roux, so far! Bon chance!!